OAPCE is the voice of parents and guardians of children enrolled in the Publicly funded English Catholic System of Education in the Province of Ontario.

The Dufferin Peel Catholic School board encourages all School Councils to appoint/elect an OAPCE Liaison Representative on your school council. (as per Regulation 612).This is a voting member position whose purpose is to provide contact between the school council and the provincial association.  These OAPCE Liaison Representatives then sit as part of a Regional Council known as DRAPCE and become the conduit to share parents views and concerns with the provincial body known as OAPCE.  As members it provides catholic parents/guardians the following benefits:

  • OAPCE is the only association recognized by the Ministry of Education and the Institute for Catholic Education as representing the parents/guardians of children in the publicly funded Catholic school system in Ontario.
  • OAPCE provides a common voice for parents who share a common goal in supporting the continuation and preservation of publicly funded Catholic Education in the province.
  • There is an Annual General Meeting of members in the fall. A valid membership entitles voting privileges at this annual meeting

To learn more about OAPCE visit their website at oapce.org