April 20, 2014 DRAPCE Meeting Details

Thank you to everyone that came out for the meeting.  Once again we had a full house.

Meeting documents

April 2014 DRAFT agenda

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Approved minutes April 2014

Meeting highlights

Election of New Regional OAPCE director.  Thank you to Karen M and congratulations for stepping into the role of interim director in Dufferin-Peel for OAPCE.

Volunteers are needed to help on the day of the OAPCE conference, once again DRAPCE people come forward and are eager to help.  This really looks like it will be a great conference with over 200 people already registered and 50% of those from Dufferin-Peel.

Bring a Buddy is back.  Letters were handed out for those OAPCE reps present.   If your council is funding your OAPCE rep to attend the conference then DRAPCE will fund a fellow parent (your buddy).  This only applies to the day conference fee, not the dinner. E-mail us at drapce@hotmail.com for your copy of the letter.

Volunteer week celebration

It was Volunteer Week in Canada from April 6 to 12 and we acknowledged this at DRAPCE on our April 30th meeting.

Marianne Z. (DRAPCE chair) advised that “each year, 13.3 million Canadians volunteer 2.1 billion hours – the equivalent of 1.1 million full-time jobs.  As a volunteer organization, we’re very grateful for our incredible parent volunteers who do so much to keep DRAPCE running, including:

  • Our parent reps who belong to two councils and have both meetings to attend.
  • A thank you also for our media reps for undertaking that task and attending our meeting.
  • The Chair also expressed her thanks to the parents who come early to our meetings to set up the room and for those who stay late afterwards to get the room put together again.
  • The Chair warmly thanked the executive of DRAPCE which works so hard to keep this growing council working well, including our OAPCE Director who attends more meetings than anyone else!
  • DRAPCE could not work without these incredible and dedicated volunteers who “contribute in a thousand different ways.”


Bruce Campbell presentation

We were fortunate to have Bruce Campbell attend our meeting.  He presented on the Catholic Education Advisory Network, but more specifically on what is the best way to respond to media stories such as those that came out in January about Catholic ed.

Bruce emphasized that the most persuasive approach is when parents write in their own words about why they believe in Catholic education.  Whether it is the excellent academics, the values that are woven into their children’s education or the social justice approach, all of these things combine into an excellent education system and parents want that for their kids.  This includes those parents who are not even Catholic.

Bruce was asked about responding to negative comments and said it wasn’t necessary.  Your positive comment about Catholic education stands for itself and it’s not necessary to refute every negative comment that someone might leave on a website.

Bruce noted that the CEAN has worked well, especially when there is a call out to vote in polls which completely turn around when our parents are called upon to show their support for Catholic education.  This type of response is important to show that parents of students in Catholic education will stand up and protect their system. It’s particularly important as we approach election times.