Money Mentor$ Parent's Workshop April 20th

MONEY SCHOOL CANADA Money Mentor$ Parent's Workshop - Plain language ideas for teaching teens math and money lessons at home!

Location and Time: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School. Start time: 7:00 pm

Money Mentor$™ is a 90-minute workshop for parents who are interested in learning practical ways to teach math and money lessons through activities in the home. Parents will hear tips and receive information and tools to help support their teens as they use math in their day-to-day lives and learn about money, it’s value and how to manage it well. The program is presented by Tricia Barry a former banker, youth financial literacy expert and advocate who shares knowledge and experience gained throughout her financial services career and through teaching thousands of students the ins and outs of managing money well.

Helping Teens to Understand Value
Teaching About Smart Spending
Encouraging Regular Savings
Introducing Budgeting to your Teen

Allowance: To pay or not to pay? What do kids learn from getting an allowance? The pros and cons of different ‘payment’ methods are examined and alternative approaches to solving the allowance dilemma are discussed.

Curriculum & Financial Literacy: What are students learning about money in the classroom? Parents hear what is taught, what is not covered and where they can take advantage of high impact ‘teachable moments’ day-to-day.