Mind Full or Mindful? Mindfulness 101 - Thursday May 9th at St. Rita's

This workshop is an introduction into mindfulness.

During this workshop, we will the explore the science of mindfulness, the importance of self care and self compassion for caregivers. Exploring the importance of self care we will look at the inner dynamics of parenting, and the mental, emotional and physical reactions that come from dealing with loved ones and trying to juggle all aspects of life. Together, we will also look at how to create a practice of mindfulness for both parent and child that allows each individual to work from a place of non-judgement, by not attaching to thoughts of the past or projected future.

Location of Event: St. Rita Catholic Elementary School - 30 Summer Valley Dr. Brampton

Time: 6:30 to 8:30

Interested? Please see the flyer here.