Frequently used links for parents

Resources for parent councils

OAPCE 80th Conference booklet. Page 7-8, About OAPCE and your role. Page 27-32, Informtation on the guest speakers, Page 33+, information to vendors in the marketplace.

Parent / Student Engagement Ideas - some interesting vendors at the OAPCE 80th vendor market

  • Visual media masters.  The story of how they came to be is very inspiring.  It is an afterschool programme age 10-18.  Equipment is provided for the participants.

  • Astronomy in Action school events by grade and fundraising events.

Resources for parents and their children - these have been shared by parents at past regional council meetings and events

  • Building Resilient Youth – Tips from Toronto Health (brochure at OAPCE 80th conference).   Details available on line and brochures available to download in various languages. 

  • Encouraging Math Learning at Home: A guide for Parents (Booklet, available online)

    Loads of ideas and tips on how to use math talk.  Eighteen (18) ways to incorporate math into daily activities at home.  Lots of ideas on math games using playing cards. 

  • Kids have stress too!  Brochure and information with good tips and reminders on how to help kids handle stress.

  • Eatright Ontario – Student Health

  • Parent Toolkits from the Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE)

  • Lots of resources on the DPCDSB website. Check out the “help your child learn” tab.

  • Assembly of Catholic Bishops Fully Alive resources Grade 1-8 The entire program, from Grade 1 through Grade 8 is designed to encourage children to become the people God wants them to be — to be fully alive.  Links by grade include prayers by grade level.

    Growing in Faith Growing in Christ, one of the goals of this program is to strengthen the home-school-parish connection.  To help build this connection Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ feature a website for students and families. Visit the website at  This is a subscription purchased by the DPCDSB and DRAPCE parents were part of a focus group when it was launched.  Contact your child’s

    teacher for the password and ids.

  • Post Secondary Planning Resources (presentation Jan 2019 meeting)

  • Parents’ Guide to Funding Higher Education, Scholarships Canada Tip Sheet, and College Application Road Map

Fundraising ideas and guidelines

Although fundraising is not defined within the OAPCE representative role it often is a reality for all parents to participate and help with fundraising for their local school councils. At many regional council meetings fundraising information and ideas are shared parent to parent. Some resources are linked here. IF you would like to share something please email

1) Looking for something different? This document prepared by one of our parent volunteers summarizes various vendor's used by parent councils in the past. (Vendor summary document from Nov 2017)

2) Read-a-thon fundraiser. Looking for a way to encourage kids to read? Try a read-a-thon. Here is a great idea shared by one of our DRAPCE parents. Link here to the sample templates.

3) Dance-a-thon fundraiser Some schools have an annual move-a-thon or dance-a-thon to raise money. Link here for sample templates.

4) Fundraising Guidelines from the Ministry of Education (2012)

5) Candy-gram fundraiser.   Sample forms and letters, shared at the May 2019 meeting.  Note it was recommended that if your CSC does not sell food items it could be a small pencil or other non food item.